Since 1970

"EMR’s support of agencywide efforts to implement reliability centered maintenance, performance based contracting, and energy conservation initiatives has been nothing short of outstanding."

Energy & Environmental Services

Energy engineering and management and environmental services are a cornerstone of EMR. In the past 40 years, EMR has built a truly comprehensive array of energy management services. EMR understands the cost savings potential of energy management to every business, organization, and institution. Energy affects occupant comfort, employee productivity, product quality, customer perception, business overhead – all key components of an organization’s competitive edge. How energy is used also affects our natural environment. The right choices can prevent pollution. EMR has helped clients strengthen their businesses by turning their needs and visions into an energy-efficient, cost-effective reality.


EMR takes a holistic, total building approach to energy management, considering all of a facility's systems and equipment. EMR’s experts come from the electrical, mechanical, and facility management disciplines, and the firm’s experience spans all types and sizes of buildings and facilities. Starting with an energy audit, EMR performs a technical assessment of facility system conditions, evaluate maintenance management practices, and then develop a building tune-up plan. Next, EMR assesses viable technologies for retrofits and upgrades, runs computer simulations, calculates life-cycle costs, and designs an upgrade plan that meets user needs, reduces energy consumption, prevents pollution, and complies with building codes and standards. And, before and after building and system improvements are made, EMR meters, monitors, and verifies energy usage to ensure the changes translate into energy and cost savings.


EMR has the energy expertise to help realize substantial energy and cost savings for commercial and industrial customers, as well as institutional and governmental organization.


A unique value-added service EMR’s energy and environmental division offers is a focus on facilities maintenance management. EMR works with facility owners and managers to contain life cycle costs, and to protect capital investment through an effective maintenance program. EMR employs experts with decades of experience and expertise in establishing new, assessing old and validating the efficiencies of existing facility maintenance programs. By combining Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) with performance-based contracting philosophies, and adding to it a program with the proper mix of long-range planning, facility assessments, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and an effective maintenance organization, EMR has a unique capability to help clients develop a multi-faceted maintenance program customized to their requirements that will reduce maintenance costs, energy costs, and equipment downtime.


In addition to traditional contracting methods, EMR is qualified to offer a vast array of energy, environmental, and facilities management services to Federal clients through GSA Advantage (Schedule 03FAC, SIN 871 206), and our Blanket Purchase Agreement with GSA to provide Comprehensive Professional Energy Services (BPA GS-23F-PE006).

  • Energy audits and surveys
  • Electricity and gas management
  • Building systems and equipment tune-up
  • Energy-efficient technologies assessment
  • Energy efficiency codes and standards
  • Heat recovery and thermal energy storage
  • District heating
  • Congeneration
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Water conservation projects
  • Building simulation
  • Energy, retro-commissioning and operations and maintenance training
  • Energy and demand-side management
  • System and equipment commissioning and retro-commissioning
  • Energy savings performance contracting (ESPC)
  • Metering, monitoring, and verification
  • Building Commissioning and retro-commissioning
  • Metering plans and utility rate analysis
  • Energy data information system development
  • Operational and condition assessments
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance benchmark studies
  • Development of O&M and energy management program communications plans and program materials